(with Marco Biscardi)

Acrylic on canvas, 2019

Size unframed: 80x90 cm - 31,50" x 35,45"

Why Not? is a painting made by Clara and Marco Biscardi, an italian artist who has become a friend and an artistic point of reference for Clara. They painted this painting together for the "Tre in Uno" exhibition at the Palagio Fiorentino in Stia, Tuscany.  The message is clear: Why not? Why can't Clara be invited to a birthday party even if she doesn't talk? Why can't Clara be an artist even though she is only 13 years old and have a disability? Why do different people in any way always have to fight more, suffer more to win their dreams? Why is it so difficult to say yes to the unknown, to the different? Why not?

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