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© 2019 by Clara Woods


Acrylic on canvas, 2018

Size unframed: 70x120 cm - 27,55" x 47,25"

Space Cowboy - Jamiroquai

"Everything is good and brown
I'm here again
With a sunshine smile upon my face
My friends are close at hand
And all my inhibitions have disappeared without a trace
I'm glad, oh, that I found
Ooh, somebody who I can rely on

This is the return of the space cowboy
Interplanetary, good vibe zone
Say, at the speed of cheeba, you and I go deeper
Maybe I'm gonna have to get high just to get by
Now, you know I got that
I got that cheeba, cheeba kinda space cowboy vibe

Everything is good, oh, and green
Say, I'm red again
And I don't suppose I'm coming down
I can see clearly, so high in sky
A man with psychedelic picture frames
Of happiness to shade his eyes
He's glad, oh, that he found
Somebody who he can rely on

This is the return of the space cowboy