• Clara Woods

MENSCHENSKINDER : Ein Leben voller Farbe- Una vita piena di colore

Too often, it was in Clara's life because of what she can not do. Even as

she was born, the doctors said her parents, she'll never run, speak or understand people. While still Clara was still in the stomach she had a a stroke

Therefore Clara came into the world with a heavy brain damage. But the family

could not be discouraged.

One year ago, Clara started to train and learn with doctors and therapists. Today she is 13 years old and proves every day what most of them have underestimated. Because

Clara walks well, understands more languages ​​than most of children her age. She comprehends English, Portuguese and Italian. She cannot speak, write or read

but knows how to laugh, swim, eat ice cream and above all: She knows painting.

In her studio with the brush in hand, surrounded by brightly

paints and a canvas on the wall. In her pictures, she paints people, but also animals, there are Landscapes with plain patterns.

Everything Clara watches, what she does, how she moves or what she thinks about. All the things that she likes and with that she attracts also the taste of others. Lots of people now like Clara works. She has her own website on the internet.


Her page shows her body of works, list of at exhibitions in many cities like Italy, but also in the US and Japan. Art lovers from the all over the world buy her pictures. They appreciate Clara for what she can do. Everything else does not matter to them.


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