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For Facebook and Forbes Italy Clara is a game changer

Clara was ranked by Facebook and Forbes Italy as one of the 50 realities that have had a positive impact in Italy. Category Game Changer.

What an emotion!

We were invited to celebrate Facebook's 10th anniversary at the Milan Triennale.

A wonderful party where the ranking of Forbes and Facebook was confirmed.

An honor to be among the 50 realities that have had a positive impact in Italy through social media: Valentino Rossi, Bebe Vio, Marco Montegmano, Eatly, Fredda, Laura Pausini, Enrico Mentana and... Clara Woods among others...

Clara had so much fun during the evening knowing and interacting with many people.

It was very important for her but also for us to have our work recognized and to have the confirmation that we can't give up. We will continue fighting for a better future for Clara and for those who have difficulties similar to her. #inclusionmatters