Clara's collaboration with Sudio - very cool earphones

🎨 Clara loves to paint and travel listening music but we never found a headphone that fits her until last week when Sudio, a Swedish company that offers very cool earphones, sent Clara the Regent II model. ⁠

😉 Now she is able to handle it by herself because it is very light, foldable and wireless. They are comfortable and the sound quality is amazing.⁠

😆 Clara is having the time of her life walking around with these headphones 🚶‍♀️, watching Netflix while drawing 😲, discovering the pleasure to listen music 🕺 and adding new songs on her playlist 🎧.⁠

🙏 Thank you Sudio for this special gift!⁠

😁 The nice people at Sudio are giving Clara's followers 15% off with code woods15

♥️ This is the link


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