"Take your passion and make it happen"

Clara Woods was born in Florence on 10 March 2006.

Soon, the doctors discovered she had a peri-natal ictus and began foreseeing a future as a vegetable for her. Still, her parents stood with her all along the process of psychomotor rehabilitation, and she keeps surprising them with continuous progress. Although she is not able to talk, read, or write, she perfectly understands Italian, English, and Portuguese, and shows an unexpected talent for painting.

In 2018, she held her first personal exhibition in Florence with great critical and public success. Since then, she starts every morning with a smile and a big breakfast while her father reads an ancient text to her; then, she can dedicate herself to her true passion: painting.


Clara explores and expresses her emotional universe through the intensity of acrylic colours on a large canvas representing an adolescent daily life in strong colours, whether it is actually lived or imagined in her keen sensibility, which prefers formats ranging from one-square meter upward.

She showcased her works in 18 cities, such as Rome, London, Miami, and Kobe but her dream is showcasing in New York like Frida Kahlo, her favourite artist, who inspires her and gives her the strength to passionately devote herself to her artistic production to achieve her goal.

She is the first Italian underage artist to receive the approval of a judge to open her VAT number, a pivotal moment for her recognition as a worker, and a way to obtain the financial autonomy necessary to be independent like a true artist.

Her artworks are appraised on the international art market and sold inside and outside Europe.

Through her vital and artistic character full of explosive energy, Clara complies with the social inclusion of all the “invisibles” and invites to break the barriers of prejudice about disability, initially supported by Visca and Bellesi “Diversamente Artisti”, whose mission is to shed new light on this condition by restoring dignity and respect, now continued by “Parole Dipinte” (Painted Words), a travelling roadshow promoting Clara's artworks in the exhibition of artist and therapist Lavinia Costantino, who aims at raising awareness about social inclusion and the right to live a gratifying “diversity”.

“The relationship with our daughter is teaching us to welcome the signals that life offers us as opportunities to grow and evolve for our entire family. We have learned that it is possible to transform obstacles if only we truly believe in our commitment. It doesn’t matter if society is unresponsive toward Clara’s condition. We will continue to live with the belief that our daughter is the most precious gift we have ever received”, Betina and Carlo.

Clara lives in Florence, where she continues her artistic path with enthusiasm, tenacity, and discipline.

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