1) Do you have international delivery?

Yes, we do! Right now, we are in Florence, Italy. Once you checkout, your delivery costs are calculated based on your delivery address.

We work with flat rates for original artworks and printings:

Free shipping all over Europe e 22 € for the rest of the world.

2) How do I know when to expect my order?

Prints: within two weeks

Original art: within three weeks. If the artwork is in an exhibition, we will advise you with the delivery time. 

You will receive a tracking number once your box is sent to our courier so you will know when to expect your delivery.


3) What’s the difference between a commission, original and print?

All paintings are original pieces of art, handmade by Clara.

Commissions are necessarily requests. You can order the art you want that Clara paints for you. All commissions are originals.

Prints are reproductions of original artworks. To create the print, high resolutions photographs are taken of the artwork and then printed out on a supersized printer. All prints are a limited edition of 30 and come signed by Clara along with a unique edition number and the authentic certification


4) Can I see Clara’s artwork in real-life?

Yes! We are always running or attending events to give everyone a chance to see the work up close and personal. You can follow the latest news in Clara’s social media channels or subscribe to the newsletter. You can also book a visit to Clara’s studio o organize to have a coke together writing a message in WhatsApp to +393349266020.


5) How we calculate prices?

There is a mathematical formula, known to the art market practitioners, which is used to define the economic value of the works based on a parameter called the artistic coefficient. The coefficient is a score, starting from 0.1 0.2 up to 1/3 for an established world-class artist. Based on the artist’s Curriculum Vitae, the first element that counts to define the value of an emerging artist, this score is assigned at the beginning of the career. The coefficient of the young artist follows the trend of his or her career growth. The same artist can also have different coefficients based on the artistic technique used, ranging from painting to sculpture, from photography to video art, to name a few.


6) Why are we selling Clara’s work? Why we open a Company?

Like parents, we want to build a future for Clara since she will not have the same opportunities as other people because of her disability. Clara can not speak, write, or read, and she also has mobility problems. Clara has lots of potentials, and we are the first one to believe in that.

During her first exhibition in March 2018, all her artworks were sold. We were so happy people liked it, so we asked a judge the authorization to open Clara’s own company and start like that to build her future and her carrier.

As a family, this adventure allows us to share with Clara her primary goal: to make an exhibition in New York as Frida Kahlo did. And have smaller goals that help us to teach Clara discipline, perseverance, autonomy, independence.

We hope she will have a future where she can be 100% autonomous.




1) When Clara paints?

Clara loves to draw, so we always have paper, pencils, and pens that she can use at home or outside. 

When Clara uses acrylic and canvas, she can paint at home, in a studio, or in some lab or classes she does. She usually paints in the morning.


2) How Clara paints?

Clara always decides by herself the painted subject, material, and colors. Clara is even pissed off if we come with some suggestions or advice. But Clara needs help to open and close the paints and to wash brushes since her right arm and hands don't work well.


3) Who gives titles to the artworks?

It depends. Usually, after Clara finishes the paint, she doesn't want to do anything else (sign, give titles...) She is a teenager! 

Sometimes she says how the artwork should be called. Other times she tells the history behind the paint, and we can find a title together, or sometimes I give the title I feel when I see the artwork.


4) Who decides the art exhibitions Clara will participate in?

We decide together. We explain to Clara when, where, and how, and she tells her opinion about it.


5) Artistic Path

Clara started painting with a reliable artist called Astrid Honnegher that was able to communicate with Clara. Astrid was a crucial figure in Clara's art development. They had classes together for almost three years. Clara also made classes and workshops with other painters and teachers. Right now, we are searching for a new figure that can help Clara to grow and develop her art





1) When Clara had the stroke? What were the expectations?

It was a prenatal stroke. So when Clara was still inside the belly! We just discovered after she was born around seven months old. Doctors said to us that she should be a vegetable, we are so happy they were wrong.


2) How Clara communicates?

Clara loves to communicate even if it is difficult for her. In her journey, we tried lots of things: Tablet, Signal Language, CAA... But Clara has creat her own gesture language, that it is really simple to understand after spending some hours with her. We can understand very fast what she wants to say. Sometimes it doesn't work, so she gives up to say, but if it matters to her, she finds alternative ways to make us understand. She has difficulty to use the tablet because of her mobility problem in the right arm and hand. We hope she will mature in that in the future to be able to communicate easily.


3) We are a Patch Family

Carlo is half Canadian and half-Dutch. He was born and raised in Italy. Betina is Brazilian. They met each other in Florence and got married in 2004. Clara was born in 2006 and Davi, a beautiful blond boy, in 2012.

Carlo had a first marriage with two Daughters: Claudia that lives in Holland, and has two beautiful children: Mattheo and Kylie with a lovely husband: Rolland! And Eldina that lives in Austria.

4) Does Clara go to School?

Until 2019 yes! But it is always getting harder and harder! In 2019 we decided to change all our life (news coming soon), so now she is doing homeschooling.


5) Who manages Clara's carrier and business?

We do it together!

Betina: I work on all the management, marketing, and social media channels.

Carlo: works on the logistics of the exhibitions, painting with Clara, keeping up the family

Davi: helps with the exhibition's preparation. He loves to sell gadgets during the shows. He is also very patient and lovely to help Clara in her difficulties.

6) How Clara manages all the exposure of her life?

She loves it! After her first exhibition, she understands she also had a place in this world. Unfortunately, she is always alone, and she doesn't have friends of her age, so this is a way to meet new people, travel the world, meet new artists. Clara is a party girl. She wants to live!

7) How about inclusion?

We are working with Lavinia Costantino to bring awareness about inclusion and diversity. You can learn more our project "Painted Words" on the website


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