Welcome to my world

Hi! My name is Clara. I can’t speak, I have difficulty reading and writing, but I understand three languages ​​perfectly. I love to travel, I love to swim, I love ice cream and, above all, I love to paint. With painting, I express my feelings, my desire to live, my desire to tell. Mum, dad and my brother Davi understand me and sometimes they are my voice, but when I paint I can speak alone, with everyone… even with you.

Clara viola Clara Woods


From the silence a voice

The story of a little girl who was able to transform obstacles into the will to live. An example of extraordinary strength that tells how love for art can help overcome even the greatest difficulties. The story of a family that faces the obstacles of confronting a severe disability every day. A path to include Clara in an often indifferent world. A battle full of love that gave Clara a peaceful childhood, a path that wants to give her a future. “Our daughter taught us to read in the book of life by catching all the signs it offers us. Clara taught us to look ‘beyond’, showing us possibilities that we would never have imagined. It doesn’t matter how hard the path is because Clara and Davi are the most precious gifts we have received ”.

A story of love and inclusion

In art, in any form, the differences of race, sex, religion, or disability are canceled out in the eyes of the other. What remains is the capacity of love. Because the only thing that matters is love that has no labels. The Clara Woods project aims to encourage people to put aside prejudices, even the “implicit” ones that, unwittingly, lead to judging others based on appearances and discriminating them in the aspects of everyday life. The project, through the story of Clara, aims to give hope to those who have the strength to believe in their dreams.


“I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought, there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me, who feels bizarre and flawed in the same way I do. I’d like to picture her and imagine that she must be out there and that she is thinking of me too. Well, I hope, if you’re out there and you have to read this, you know that yes, that’s right, I’m here and I’m just as weird as you are”

Frida Kahlo